4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Golf Clothing Style as a Beginner

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. While it is a major professional sport, it is also an enjoyable game for fun and recreation.

It is an individual sport which requires players to strike a small ball into a series of round holes. The sports area for the golf game is called a Golf Course.

If you are interested in knowing factors to consider before choosing a golf clothing style, then we are here for you!

Just as most other sports, golf requires particular clothing styles and attire. As a beginner, it is very necessary to have a good knowledge of golf clothing styles. Rock Bottom Golf has a number of essential attires for different sports, including golf. People who want to learn more about golf attires can also visit a list of fashion shop reviews for a guide.

If you think golf clothing is totally about personality and individual preferences, then you may have to think again.

Here are 4 things to consider before choosing a golf clothing style as a beginner:

1.      Prevention of Injuries: Golf, like every other sport activity comes with a tendency of injury occurrence. However, this risk can be minimized by putting on the suitable attire and accessories meant for a particular sport. Suitable gloves and socks can help prevent the risk of obtaining blisters and sores while golfing. Playing golf for very long hours for instance, can likely leave your hand sore and blistered. Wearing appropriate shoes for golfing is also important in preventing foot injuries as playing golf demands a lot of standing and walking.

2.      Adherence to Golf Dress Code: Most golf courses and clubs have a dress code and one can be turned away for putting on inappropriate golf attire. Generally, golf clothing consists of collared polo shirts, pants/shorts, golf shoes, caps and gloves, socks and belts. It is normally advised to inquire ahead about a golf club’s dress code before choosing your clothing style.

3.      Comfort: Comfort is another factor to consider while selecting a golf clothing style. Uncomfortable clothes and accessories can lead to bad performance and early fatigue. A tight-fitted shirt or high heel shoes can make the game unenjoyable and you should avoid this. As such, a golf beginner is advised to bear comfort in mind when selecting golf attires.

4.      Climate/Weather: The weather of a particular place or the climate at a particular time can affect the performance of a player(s), especially for an outdoor sport like golf. You may want to read more on how climate and weather conditions affect golf and the choice of clothing an individual athlete uses. For instance, cotton materials are often preferable in cooler areas while synthetic fabrics are more suitable in warmer locations. Your choice of hat or cap can also be influenced by the weather condition.


Your knowledge of golf clothing styles is as important as the possession of golf skills. It is not enough therefore, that one has mastered the rules of the game without choosing the appropriate clothes, gears and accessories. Golf attire is not merely about personality and individual preferences, a wrong choice of clothing style can lead to poor performance and you should avoid this.