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For this purpose, the quadruple ligament injury have to be some of the painful soccer accidents imaginable. Of all the accidents I’ve accrued over my 12-plus years of taking part in soccer, surprisingly the most painful injury I’ve ever dealt with was the high ankle sprain. Believe it or not, this monster of an injury was the only one capable of taking me out of fee at any point all through my whole career. I also tried to incorporate and think about the difference between instant/initial pain as the injury happens and the lingering pain that follows. Sometimes the ache of an injury worsens over time, and generally an injury may be painful for months or even years.

A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials; Chris Bleakley, et al, The American Journal of Sports Medicine 2004, Volume 32. Anti-inflammatory medication is often used to attenuate inflammation. OTCs, similar to Nonsteroidal … Read More