Is 18 Years Old Too Late To Start Boxing?

First time the young undefeated Wladimir Klitschko got knocked out and lost a battle… was because of a southpaw Corrie Sanders. First time the invincible Roy Jones misplaced a fight was because of a shocking knockout by southpaw Antonio Tarver. Look at Floyd Mayweather’s first 5 rounds towards Zab Judah. Hagler, Wright, Whitaker, Pacquiao, Martinez, Dawson. Southpaws battle outside and so they’re weak underneath strain (that’s what I learn).

If you’ve a really weak hand (your right), throwing the cross with it’s all the time going to appear a lot simpler than jabbing with it. That’s crazy cuz I’m right handed but I really feel alot better southpaw and able to move round alot better. When I strive orthodox I can’t move in any respect actually and don’t feel comfortable in any respect.

Putting the sturdy hand within the front makes you a one-armed fighter. Regardless of how well you make that one-arm work, you’ll be a one-armed fighter.

Prince Naseem, Judah, Whitaker… Those boxers are exceptions in my view. It’s an advantage to fight southpaw if you understand how, true.

But it’s additionally an advantage to struggle as a transformed orthodox. Williams might have extra success switching to orthodox and developing a better left jab and lethal left hook.

  • Boxers follow their skills on several kinds of punching baggage.
  • A hook may also goal the decrease physique and this method is typically called the “rip” to distinguish it from the standard hook to the top.
  • Upon contact, the hook’s round path ends abruptly and the lead hand is pulled rapidly back into the guard place.

But should you’re 70/30, you then better go away that strong hand within the again. The jab – I haven’t see a very good left-handed southpaw jabber (Hagler and Dawson are proper-handed). Martinez just has a extremely bizarre fashion that broke by way of it.

Don’t just decide one side as a result of it’s a cop-out between you having to learn basic stuff like mastering the jab or because one leg is stronger than the other (you can simply fix this!). In 99% of situations, each coach will tell you leave the robust hand within the again.

1) You also have to see how uneven your body mechanics are. It’s okay to change round if your power distribution between the arms is like 60/40.


Previously, Williams steamrolled quite a few certified boxers (Wright) along with his fashion. I would by no means dare say that Williams does something unhealthy… he simply wants to make sure he modifies up his gameplan a bit extra for various opponents.