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Control the rebel ball with touches or keyboard and lead it into the basket! Dribble the ball by urgent space or tapping the bounce button. Pass by way of obstacles and perils scattered by way of the courtroom and clear up puzzles to achieve victory!

Gather stars and pick up game altering bonuses scattered throughout the basketball court docket. Use the time stopping bonus to make the ball stop in mid-air and relaunch it wherever you want! Pick-up gravity inverting bonus to be able to reach inconceivable spots next to the ceiling. Turn the ball into stone and roll it through spikes and fires with the stone bonus. Give it some extra bounciness with the pump bonus to reach better heights and bounce of doughy surfaces.

Avoid spikes and fires, extinguish the flames in waters, propel the ball with springs and trampolines and run away from levitating police robots armed … Read More