Wounds And Injuries

When exercising for well being and health, you may be extra in danger for overuse accidents, specialists say. Fortunately, you can build power in your joints and keep away from joint injuries by stretching and exercising accurately. Common joint accidents include a twisted ankle, sprained wrist, overextended elbow, and broken knee ligaments.

The situation could also be brought on by overuse of the knee joint, corresponding to frequent jumping on onerous surfaces. Lateral epicondylitis, also referred to as tennis elbow, is characterised by ache in the backside of the elbow and forearm, along the thumb side when the arm is alongside the physique with the thumb turned away. The pain is attributable to damage to the tendons that bend the wrist backward away from the palm. Ligaments are versatile bands of fibrous tissue that connect bones to bones, and bones to cartilage.

The Orchard Sports Injury Classification System (OSICS) is used to categorise accidents to allow research into particular sports injuries. It’s necessary to know your limits and never exceed them when exercising or collaborating in bodily actions. Proper care of your joints can protect function in the long term and encourage bodily exercise. Tight or stiff muscle tissue round a joint will make the area extra susceptible to injury. This is especially important in sports that require fast actions, such as basketball and tennis.

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  • Physical therapy and surgical procedure could also be required to repair torn ligaments or tendons that do not respond to self-care measures.
  • Both conditions are painful and might occur when you have shortly moved the wrong way or haven’t adequately warmed up earlier than exercising.
  • To forestall muscle cramps, drink plenty of water before, during and after your exercise and make sure your electrolyte levels are consistent.


It is usually caused by blunt force such as a kick, fall, or blow. The instant outcome will be ache, swelling, and discoloration. This project is supported by Grant #90TBSG from the Administration for Community Living (ACL), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and state contracts # and #16-002A administered by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).

Fortunately, you’ll be able to take steps to help forestall joint damage. Stress fractures are weak spots or small cracks in the bone attributable to steady overuse. Stress fractures often occur within the foot or leg after coaching for gymnastics, running, and different sports. The bones in the midfoot (metatarsals) in runners are especially weak to emphasize fractures.

Runner’s knee, also called patellofemoral stress syndrome, is when the patella, or kneecap, doesn’t transfer well within the groove of the femur (thigh bone). Runner’s knee may be attributable to a structural defect, or a sure method of walking or operating. Jumper’s knee, also known as patellar tendonitis, is a situation characterized by irritation of the patellar tendon, which connects the kneecap to shin bone (tibia).