5 Branches of Ball Sports

Sports Games
Nowadays there are many types of sports ranging from water sports, athletic sports, game sports, and so on. All these sports of course have their respective sports. One of them is sports games. This game sport is a sport that is usually carried out by two teams competing for victory.
Types of Sports:
Football is one of the major soccer game branches. This is because football is done by pitting two different teams over for victory. This sport is carried out by two teams of eleven people each and is carried out on a fairly wide field.
This football is done with two rounds of play. Each round has forty-five minutes, so if you total it, one soccer match takes about ninety minutes. In this game, of course, the players must be equipped with various skills such as the correct ball-winning technique, good breathing techniques, and also excellent physical condition.
This one sport is almost similar to soccer, but in this futsal game, it is carried out in a special field which is smaller in size when compared to the field used for soccer games. Besides, the number of players is also different, for futsal itself only about five players are needed for each team.
Besides, game time is relatively shorter when compared to soccer. The time allocation for this futsal game is around twenty minutes for one round of play. So in total, the time needed for this futsal game is around forty minutes because it consists of two rounds of play.
This sport is a sport that is quite attractive to school children. This sport is carried out by two teams, each consisting of five people. Sports that are included in this sport are carried out by inserting the ball into the opponent’s ring as much as possible.
There are two versions of basketball playing time. The first version is based on the international basketball federation that in one round the time allocation given is around ten minutes.
Meanwhile, according to the National Basketball Association, the time allocation given for each round is around twelve minutes. In this case. The game is carried out with four-game rounds with the allocations described earlier. This sport is equipped with two referees. The first referee is called the referee and the second referee is called the umpire.
Sepak takraw.
One more game that is included in the sport, namely Sepak Takraw. This sport is carried out by two teams with three members each with one reserve player. One player is at the back while the other two players are in front of the right and left positions.
In performing this takraw, players are prohibited from using their hands because this game is played using their feet. The hand may touch the ball about three times in succession. In essence, players can only use their feet to kick the ball, which has become the rule of the game.
Volleyball is a sport that is carried out by moving the ball over the net that has been provided with the aim that the ball falls into the opponent’s place so that it will add points and gain victory. This volleyball is carried out by two teams, each of which consists of 6 people, whose positions are moved so that they are not tight.
For the point limit, namely reaching 25 points, so for the team that reaches 25 points, the team wins. As for the field itself, it must have a size of about 9 × 18 meters.