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It teaches me that my strong hand and toes be on the entrance which is my proper since I’m proper handed. Before I started Jeet Kune Do, I trained in MMA during which I was Orthodox back then. When I used the Southpaw stance throughout my time in Jeet Kune Do, I admit that I simply grew to become much comfortable with it. I am orthodox as my strongest hand is my proper hand, but my dominant eye is my left eye – in fact my right eye is a lot weaker than the left, vision wise. My sparring partner stated that my left punches seem simply as hard as my proper, however my proper feels stronger than my left.

I’m guessing your left facet is actually weak and never lively whenever you stood orthodox. Which is why you ended up putting so much weight on that facet. Now that you simply switched stances, it feels better because the previously faulty movement is now handed by your more coordinated side. At some level, you will find what’s most natural for you.


Whereas in an orthodox-vs-orthodox match, the front hook could be simpler to land or equally as likely to land as the rear cross. In actuality, although…a southpaw-vs-southpaw matchup isn’t completely different from a straight orthodox fight. Jab is most important, cross is next, after which the hook every now and then to make it difficult. The southpaw-vs-orthodox match-up is a very open position where both of you can land punches simply because your bodies are going through the opposite one’s punches.

  • The most famous boxer in our time who uses such a guard is Floyd Maywheather Jr.
  • The only way on your opponent to land a punch in your chin is to wait so that you can make a mistake or to counterpunch you.

I am at present seeing a chiropractor for it and have been cleared for boxing so long as I take the necessary precautions. However, after combating orthodox and taking pictures my left jab for a complete workout, I discover that I even have to constantly ice my left shoulder and ingest anti-inflammatorys.

I didn`t even know prior to now, that i im additionally a left eye dominant. And when i do skateboard i stand with my proper leg in front.

But after 10 years of boxing (on and off) i feel very natural when i move with in orthodox stances. I can maintain the gap good, however still i dont land the “energy” right after the jab that i want. It’s an excellent observation to assume that the southpaw with the better right hook wins in a southpaw-vs-southpaw match. It’s because both are usually extra reliant on the simple-to-use 1-2 and by no means want the proper hook too much towards orthodox fighters. This is as a result of in an orthodox-vs-southpaw match-up, the rear cross has extra higher range than the front hook.

This is why it’s so easy to roll punches in orthodox-vs-orthodox. Southpaws don’t like fighting southpaws a lot as a result of they need to work a lot more durable to get shots in. So ought to I swap to southpaw and train my left hand to be really sturdy too? Overall I really feel that I can hit harder in my orthodox stance as a result of that right cross, however after I am in southpaw stance, I feel that I can use extra tricks that I learned from watching Pacquiao videos. Also my opponents most likely aren’t used to dealing with southpaws.