Choose the Right Clothes for the Sport

Not only office clothes and other formal clothes, clothes for sports should also be chosen well. When going to exercise, we don’t just need to prepare for physical performance, such as adequate health conditions, eating and drinking enough before exercise, and so on. One of the other supporting things that has a very important but often neglected role is the suitability of the clothes used. After a hard workout, the body will feel tired and sweaty. The clothes worn during exercise will greatly affect our comfort while doing activities. Thus we can use clothes that absorb sweat easily. To quickly evaporate sweat and keep the body cool, clothes made of fabrics containing polypropylene or Coolmax and Supplex fabrics are good choices. Clothes that are wet with sweat and make it stifling are certainly not comfortable to wear. Here is a guide to choosing the right clothes for exercise.

  1. Do not
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Explanation of Several Fitness Terms

In this day and age, sports are not only a necessity but have become a lifestyle as well. One of the popular ways of exercising is fitness. Fitness can be a solution for those who are busy so they don’t have time to do sports in the morning or evening. Because fitness is usually done indoors and you can do it at any time. Besides being useful for maintaining fitness, fitness can also form a more ideal body. Here are some descriptions of fitness terms as follows, namely

  1. Reps
    Reps or so-called reps are repetitions of the same movement at a certain time. In one repetition there are two movements which are usually referred to as positive movements and negative movements. Positive movement is a movement from a light point to a heavy point. Meanwhile, on the contrary, negative movement is a movement from the center of gravity to the
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