Choose the Right Clothes for the Sport

Not only office clothes and other formal clothes, clothes for sports should also be chosen well. When going to exercise, we don’t just need to prepare for physical performance, such as adequate health conditions, eating and drinking enough before exercise, and so on. One of the other supporting things that has a very important but often neglected role is the suitability of the clothes used. After a hard workout, the body will feel tired and sweaty. The clothes worn during exercise will greatly affect our comfort while doing activities. Thus we can use clothes that absorb sweat easily. To quickly evaporate sweat and keep the body cool, clothes made of fabrics containing polypropylene or Coolmax and Supplex fabrics are good choices. Clothes that are wet with sweat and make it stifling are certainly not comfortable to wear. Here is a guide to choosing the right clothes for exercise.

  1. Do not use a cotton cloth. Cotton does not easily absorb sweat from the skin or help it evaporate quickly. That’s why sports clothes made of a cotton feel heavy and wet when used for sports.
  2. Avoid fabrics with tight pores or even non-porous. Never wear clothes made of rubber or plastic. This kind of material makes it difficult for sweat to evaporate and causes body temperature to remain high during exercise.
  3. Wear loose and comfortable clothes. For walking or cycling, don’t wear loose pants as they can get entangled in the pedals or foot of the bicycle.
  4. For activities such as yoga or floor exercises, fabrics containing wicking fibers are a good choice.
  5. If you exercise outdoors or do seasonal sports, the clothes worn must also be adjusted according to the season conditions.
  6. During summer, choose fabrics that allow the skin to breathe and help sweat evaporate. Wearing cool and comfortable clothes will allow the body to move freely.
  7. When the weather is cold, you should wear warm clothes. But keep in mind that exercise can increase your heart rate and body temperature. Wear double clothes that are easy to remove and make sure the inside of the clothes is warmer than the thermometer.

For the selection of clothes for women, several important components must be prepared regarding sports clothing. The first is to use a sports bra. This is important to maintain the safety and comfort of women while exercising. In addition to supporting flexibility, sports bras also provide more protection to the breasts. Furthermore, for Muslim women who wear the headscarf, it is recommended to use a hijab with a simple model and minimal use of needles. Also, make sure the choice of hijab material can absorb sweat well and is not slippery so that when exercising we don’t have to be busy fixing the hijab repeatedly because the position is shifted. This is intended so that sweat does not get trapped in the skin covered by clothes and cause other health problems.