Explanation of Several Fitness Terms

In this day and age, sports are not only a necessity but have become a lifestyle as well. One of the popular ways of exercising is fitness. Fitness can be a solution for those who are busy so they don’t have time to do sports in the morning or evening. Because fitness is usually done indoors and you can do it at any time. Besides being useful for maintaining fitness, fitness can also form a more ideal body. Here are some descriptions of fitness terms as follows, namely

  1. Reps
    Reps or so-called reps are repetitions of the same movement at a certain time. In one repetition there are two movements which are usually referred to as positive movements and negative movements. Positive movement is a movement from a light point to a heavy point. Meanwhile, on the contrary, negative movement is a movement from the center of gravity to the point of light.
  2. Set
    Sets are the accumulation of reps that have been done in a certain time. Like we do 10 push-ups at a time, that means you have done a set of push-ups with 10 reps.
  3. Dumbbell or Barbell
    Dumbbells or Barbells are usually the ones who get confused, especially those who are just starting in fitness. There are still many who call all the weight tools that are lifted as barbells, whereas barbells are for long ones, while short ones are called dumbbells.
  4. Pump
    Pumping means the phenomenon of a temporary increase in muscle size that occurs after fitness training. This occurs because the blood flow increases dramatically to the blood vessels in the muscle areas that have been trained. So after we do fitness, you will feel your body muscles look bigger.
  5. Cardio
    Cardio is a physical activity that is done with moderate intensity over a long time. Some examples of cardio training are running, cycling, or swimming. Cardio training can also be done not only in the gym, but it can be anywhere depending on the exercise we do.
  6. Cool Down
    Cooldown itself is an activity that is done at the end of a workout that allows the heart rate to gradually slow down and the body becomes stable again. Cooldown is also called cooling.
  7. Juice
    The juice is a term for steroids. Steroids themselves are compounds that help with muscle growth. The juice is a drug whose use remains controversial.
  8. Recovery
    Recovery has a certain amount of time to rest. For example, we have done a set of push-ups, then we pause the rest for 30 seconds, this break is called the recovery time.
  9. DOMS
    It stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. DOMS is often called muscle pain after exercise. This occurs due to a lack of warm-up or not cooling down after strenuous exercise
  10. Failure
    Then the last one is a failure. Failure is a condition when we have the hassle of doing a repetition in a set. This is an optimal fitness exercise, when in the last reps you almost fail or even completely fail, which means it’s the right load.
    In addition to the terms that have been described, fitness also has its benefits for our bodies. Many people do fitness with the main goal of losing weight. But apart from that, various fitness benefits can be obtained if done regularly.